the neighbor from hell...

Once upon a time, we lived next door to a woman. We'll call her "Brenda". She was not right in the head. She had an illiterate boyfriend who would come over to visit. We'll call him "Tommy". Brenda would enlist Tommy to perform a variety of domestic chores, and then physically and verbally berate his incompetence and ineptitude. His hijinks and her tantrums provided us with hours of cheap



Brenda maintained a veritable menagerie of stray, inbred domesticated dogs and cats. Our personal favorite was Kelly, and so she is presented here as a representative of the cornucopia of animals that put up with Brenda's demented existence.


Tommy always seemed to arrive at Brenda's house in a different pickup truck. Like, a different truck every time. We had no idea where they all came from. Some had ill-fitting toppers. I have recreated some of his finest rides within.


In order to immortalize their finest moments, I have committed their greatest episodes to paper. I hope you find them as enjoyable as we did.


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(c) 2010 Jamie Ledford

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